Hi, I’m Oliver Beamont a 3rd year creative media student, studying at Worcester University. Throughout my time at University, I have gathered numerous amount of skills through working on software and equipment. Adapting my skills in photography and videography, I have been able to improve my knowledge across the creative cloud and confidently tackle projects on my own or within a team. I gain great satisfaction from learning new skills and developing them, and being able to use them to the best of my ability. 

My time spent at university, has enabled me to gain experience working for clients with strict brand guidelines and also on projects which require a quick turn around. Working on these projects has enabled me to improve on skills such as time management, problem solving, communication, leadership and teamwork. Developing and delivering these skills has always been a top priority of mine, with always wanting to complete the projects on time and to a high standard.


EMAIL: olliebeamont@gmail.com

MOBILE: 07917176661